Korz Construction, Inc. Policy of Sustainability

    We are committed to reducing waste and being active stewards of the environment by pledging to follow the four R’s of sustainability wherever practical and safe on our job sites. These practices sometimes enable us to pass a modest savings onto our clients.

    Reduce – developing strategies to reduce the amount of materials consumed and waste; to source and utilize products with a lower environmental impact.

    Reuse – get multiple uses out of “working” materials not directly incorporated in the structure’s final make-up, such as lumber and metal used for: braces, jigs and forms; temporary ramps; dividers, railings and rough walkways before they go to the dumpster or recycle center.

    Recycle – incorporate materials with recycled content and examine job site waste for opportunities to recycle.

    Repurpose – this may be as simple as converting an empty bucket into a tool caddy or container to store hardware, or utilizing left-over or gently used materials in a secondary capacity.

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